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24.09.2020 Can leaves the group to pursue his academic career as professor in China. Congratulations and all the best!

11.09.2020 Michael leaves the group to pursue his postdoc in the group of David MacMillan at Princeton University. Good luck!

01.09.2020 Iris starts working on her PhD thesis. Welcome to the group!

21.08.2020 Congratulations to Ivana and Leonidas on their recent publication. They try to answer the question, whether molecular capsules are ready to address the current challenges in synthetic organic chemistry.

04.08.2020  Today, the Tiefenbacher Group went on their annual group trip. This time we travelled to Reigoldswil to explore the beautiful Wasserfallen area. After reaching Reigoldswil by bus, we started our ascend through the misty valley carved out by the “Hintere Frenke” creek on the „Jäger Wegli“. Having climbed 400 meters in altitude over 1.5h we reached our first waypoint at the „Hintere Wasserfallen“ mountain inn, where we took some refreshments to gain our strength for the last leg of the hike. Climbing another 250 meters in height through fields and forest, we arrived at the „Hinteri Egg“, the highest mountain of the Canton of Basel-Landschaft standing 1.169 meters tall. From their we descended to our starting point in the village of Reigoldswil, partly on foot and partly on „Trottis“ (scooters). All in all a great work-out for the entire group! 

05.07.2020 Congratulations to Suren on his publication. He synthesized and characterized Catechol[4]arene: the missing chiral member of the calix[4]arene family. Many thanks to the Szumna Group for our first collaboration.

03.07.2020 Congratulations to Michael who successfully defended his PhD thesis today!


26.05.2020 Congratulations to Melina and Michael on their recent publicationThey developed a supramolecular tweezer catalyst capable of overriding the intrinsic reactivity in aliphatic C-H oxidation. A great conclusion to the work of Melinas Master thesis.

18.03.2020 Congratulations to Leonidas, Ivana, Dario and Fabian on their recent publication. Their work utilizes a supramolecular capsule to shorten a previously reported 13 step total synthesis to just 4 steps! 

18.02.2020 Check out our most recent contributions to the field of Supramolecular Chemistry by Severin and Fabian B.!

06.01.2020 Giacomo starts working on his PhD thesis. Welcome to the group!

17.12.2019 In a fierce contest, Fabian Huck emerged as the new Tiefenbacher Group Beer Pong champion, reclaiming the title for the PhDs!

01.11.2019 Jesper successfully defends his PhD thesis!

01.10.2019 Ivana and Can join the group as PostDocs. Welcome (back) to the group!

02.08.2019 Dario starts working on his PhD thesis. Welcome to the group!

17.07.2019 The group goes on a trip to Bern (city tour) and down the Aare (boating) in sunny weather.

01.03.2019 Melina resumes work as a PhD student. Welcome to the group!

18.12.2018 We continued our annual christmas tradition of hosting a beer pong tournament. After many intense matches, Leonidas proved himself to be unbeatable.

01.10.2018 Mattias starts work on his PhD thesis. Welcome to the group!

14.08.2018 The group went on a trip to Interlaken. First refreshment and excitement in the icy waters of the Saxeten river followed by a relaxing afternoon tour of the St.Beatus caves.


02.08.2018 Tian-Ren started his project today. Welcome to the group!

02.07.2018 Jonathan joined our lab to work on his PhD thesis. Welcome to the group!

09.04.2018 Melina joins our group for her Master’s thesis. Welcome to the top group in 1096!

03.04.2018 Suren and Leonidas started their projects today. Welcome to the group!

26.03.2018 Thomas successfully defended his PhD thesis in Munich today. Congratulations!

06.12.2017 It’s time for beer pong again! Qi was hard to beat this year as well and successfully defended his title.

13.11.2017 Daria joins our lab as the newest member. Welcome to the group!

08.11.2017 Farewell dinner in honor of Lorenzo leaving for Japan to pursue a postdoc in the group of Prof. Yoshizawa.

13.10.2017 Johannes successfully defended his PhD thesis in Munich. We wish you the best of luck for your future career as
                   scientific illustrator!

02.10.2017 We welcome our newest member Fabian H. to the group.

01.09.2017 Teodora joined our lab as visiting student. Welcome to the group!

25.08.2017 Completed our move to new labs in Rosental/1096. 

02.05.2017 Fabian B. and Severin joined our lab as PhD students.

27.03.2017 Lorenzo successfully defended his PhD thesis in Munich. Congratulations!

23.01.2017 Joachim joined the lab to work on his Master’s thesis. Welcome to the group!

15.12.2016 Today we held our annual christmas beer pong tournament. The loser gets to clean the messiest
                   fume hood and the winner takes home a bottle of finest champagne. After many intense duels Qi
                   emerged victorious, closely followed by Konrad. Congratulations to the well-deserved winner!

13.12.2016 Thomas held a captivating presentation for the PCC, in which he introduced our research and the group to our new colleagues at the University of Basel.

01.12.2016 Christmas group retreat to Colmar. Luckily there was Glühwein to keep us warm as we explored the five markets in town. 

10.10.2016 Manuel starts working in lab 102 towards his Master’s Thesis. Welcome to the group!

04.10.2016 Qi moves to Basel from TUM and starts his work as a PostDoc. 

15.09.2016  Konrad receives the ERC-Starting Grant.

05.09.2016 Fabian B. begins working on his Master’s thesis. Welcome to the group!

01.09.2016 Jesper joins Michael in lab 101.

01.08.2016 Michael starts setting up lab 101. Welcome!

04.07.2016  Severin begins his work on his master thesis in Basel. Welcome!

04.07.2016  Thomas moves to Basel from TUM. Grüezi.

23.06.2016  Konrad presents at the NCCR MSE evaluation meeting.

08.06.2016  ERC Starting Grant interview in Brussels – lets wait for the results…

01.06.2016  Lorenzo starts setting up lab 102 in Basel. Grüezi!