Konrad Tiefenbacher

Konrad received his chemical basic education at the Technical University of Vienna and the University of Texas in Austin. After finishing his diploma thesis in the lab of Prof. Fröhlich, he pursued his interest in total synthesis of biologically active natural products during a Ph.D. in the lab of Prof. Mulzer at the University of Vienna. He then moved to Prof. Rebek’s lab at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla to learn about molecular recognition and self-assembly. In December 2011 he started his independent career as a Juniorprofessor (W1-position) at the Technical University Munich. In June 2016 he was appointed to a dual tenure track assistant professorship at the University of Basel and the ETH Zürich.

Contact details:

Prof. Konrad Tiefenbacher

University of Basel
Department of Chemistry
BPR 1096, Postfach 3350
Mattenstrasse 24a
CH-4002 Basel, Switzerland

ETH Zürich
Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering
Mattenstrasse 26
CH-4058 Basel, Switzerland

Email: konrad.tiefenbacher (at) unibas.ch
tkonrad (at) ethz.ch